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Hunt the Wild Side of the South for Black Bear!

Hunt the Wild Side of the South for Black Bear!

We do not offer spring bear hunting and our bears are not color phase.
We do not provide hunting licenses as it is all free range, fair chase hunting the old fashioned way.

 We are not hunting bear with dogs this season. We hunt black bear during the fall and winter. We cannot hunt bear over food as bait in any state we hunt. We can still hunt using burn sticks and sow bear urine as an attractant. We can also spot and stalk hunt your game.

We hunt bear the old fashioned way like David Crockett did back in 1825.  Click here to read account.

bearWe are hunting black bear only in Tennessee.


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Bear hunting Tennessee Mountain Style

The first day of the hunt is not the time to try to break in a pair of new boots. We hunt in wooded, mountainous terrain so rubber boots suitable for swamp hunting and tennis shoes will not work in our area.

It is also advisable to bring a canteen of water as you will definitely work up a thirst. If you have a pocket camera bring that also, but most of our guides carry cameras with them.

Shot range on bear hunts is usually 30-40 yards. You probably won't need a scope on your rifle or shotgun. Choice of weapons include archery, primitive weapons, shotguns and rifles or even handguns. High caliber rifles are recommended with at least 180+ grain bullets. Shotguns must be used with slugs. Handguns must have at least a 5 1/2 inch barrel and be at least above 24 caliber.